Applications that signal the leap to digitalisation of your business.

Guest Services

Essential technology for integration with your guests.

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Host Digital Keypass

Focused in a single point:
Access to a variety of interactive features aimed at making their stay an exceptional experience, and ensuring the whole range of available services is visible to the guest.

Direct communication with your guests
The guest can access their reservation details as well as all the services the hotel wishes to offer, as well as the directory and hotel information.

Express Check-out
Account enquiry and express check-out services

Menu Ordering
Instant access to digital menus from your hotel’s restaurant and bar, as well as room service and table reservation.

Fully integrated with the range of Host products
Compatible with most major mobile phone systems. No need to download or install an App. Fully accessible from a browser.

Quick and efficient
Simple and efficient identification of your Guests and companions in the various outlets of the unit.

Host Self-Service Kiosk

Reduce contact, increase interactions

Provide guests with the means to easily and efficiently access a wide range of services, namely activities that in the past would have involved going to a reception, such as self check-in, walk-ins, self and auto check-out and upgrades.
Exclusive features such as table reservations and digital menus, among others, allow us to provide special offers and increase our clients’ profitability.

Self check-in
Allow your guests to check in themselves: using the QR code or the booking number. They can access their booking and payment details.

Self booking
From selecting their desired room to picking up the room key: guests fill in their personal data or scan their ID, and make the final payment.

Simplified check-out
Using the QR code or room number, it now allows the guest to complete their own check-out and settle their bill.

Integrating a vast range of technological models
Both aesthetically as well as technologically, given the design of the different devices available. Capable of integrating several remote devices.

Integrated devices
Including: document reader, TPA terminals (payments), electronic key card dispenser/decoder, printer and QR Code readers.

Elevate your business to the next level.

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