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Point Of Sale

HOST POS incorporates a set of features in its database specifically aimed at the reality of a hotel unit or hotel group.


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Integration with HOST PMS is seamless.
It allows instant access to guest information, speeding up access to and automation of loyalty plans or promotional advantages.

For groups or a grouping of units, the option of "cross-selling".
can be configured. Advanced features include table reservations, room-service requests by the guest, digital menu and much more.
The platform allows control of the points of sale, through any device and at any time.

Host POS Front Office


  • 100% compatible with Cloud Environment.
    The screen adjusts itself to the type of device used and irrespective of the operating system adopted;
  • Table orders made via tablet and/or smartphone to multiple printers, reducing customer waiting time;
  • Re-printing of any documents is possible from the same day or previous days;
  • Multi-language and multi-currency;
  • Manual price input or automatic calculation via scale interface;
  • Possibility of billing a Current Account and carrying out the respective payment;
  • Customer cards (RFID or magnetic) can be loaded and the amount added can be used to make payments at POSs;
  • Table Status Option, to help with distancing within the space;
  • Charging to multi-unit accommodation;
  • Identification of customers by RFID card, magnetic card or QR Code;
  • Customer documents sent via Email.

Host POS Back Office


  • Management of groups, families, sub-families, items and menus with unlimited price levels;
  • Configuration of comments and messages per item;
  • Managing Happy Hour by means of price level or percentage discount;
  • Configuration of keyboards by terminal or sector;
  • Table plans by sector;
  • Various security levels based on user groups;
  • Multi-property configuration via centralised database;
  • A wide range of parameters for customising the system to suit any business type;
  • Manual or automatic closing of the day with the sending of reports in various formats;
  • Tools to rapidly change items;
  • Host Online Activity Monitor - Real-time view of the current situation of terminals or sectors (amounts invoiced per item, per employee, per sector, open tables, visualisation of documents issued, cancellations, etc.);
  • Management reports and analysis.

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The platform allows control of the points of sale, through any device and at any time.

Table Reservations
The customer can book a table reservation simply and quickly with instant confirmation. With the HOST POS table reservation solution you can efficiently manage your spaces.

Control of table status for sanitation
HOST POS has a new set of features to help with table management in the various spaces. These features allow the effective control of the table sanitation process after a table has been occupied. It also allows tables to be blocked or made available depending on how busy the space is.

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