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    We use cookies to improve our services and your experience while visiting our website. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of cookies and to our revised Privacy Policy. You can know more about it in our Cookies section in the Privacy Policy.

    Privacy Policy

    Host Hotel Systems, hereinafter referred to as HHS, is responsible for the webpage, hereinafter referred as HHS website and it compromises to guarantee personal data online privacy when collected.

    The security and privacy of the HHS website visitors are of a vital importance to HHS. All the personal information gathered will be used to help to turn your visit to our website more productive and pleasant as possible.

    All the personal information relative to members, newsletter subscribers, clients or visitants who use the HHS website will be treated in accordance with the Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
    This Privacy Policy applies to collected data about visitants and to job applicants and employees too.

    We kindly ask you to read this policy before using our website, to subscribe to our newsletter or to contact us through our website contact form. By using our website or by contacting us in order to use any service or to buy any of our products, you are consenting in the gathering and treatment of the data as it is referred in this policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy you must not access this website or not buy/ use our services and systems.

    1. What data do we collect?

    a. In HHS website contact form, we collect name, address, phone number, email, hotel name, number of rooms and other possible information inserted in the message field.

    b. In the newsletter subscription form, it is collected the email and name.

    c. By using our website, we may collect another type of information through tracking tools as IP, idiom, region, browsing preferences, visited web pages (of HHS website), number of website visits, type of device and browser.

    2. Cookies

    a. We use cookies to store data, as your personal preferences when visiting our website. The usage of the gathered data aims to align the customization of the services, as much as possible, to the visitants’ preferences.

    b. HHS will not sell, rent, share or offer visitant’s data, except foresee situations in the current privacy policy.

    c. You have the power to turn off cookies in your browser settings or by changing your Anti-virus programs tools (or other possible ones). Nevertheless, those choices may affect the way that you interact with HHS website or in other websites. This may affect or not allowed to log in on some systems, websites, forums of HHS context or others.

    d. Cookie DoubleClick Dart
    i. HHS will not run an advertisement on its website, however, we advise you to visit the Privacy Policy of Google content network and advertisement.

    3. Sensible Personal Data

    a. HHS does not collect personal data considered as sensible on its website or on the social media where the company is present.
    i. The exception is when the data subject consents specifically his/her data treatment with a clear objective.

    4. Gathering children personal data

    a. HHS does not gather information directly from children under 16 years-old. Make sure that your children do not send us personal data without your consent (including electronic channels). In case it happens, you may ask for data removal by contacting us through the email

    5. Data Collection circumstances

    a. When data is sent from website contact form on this website;
    b. When there is newsletter subscription;

    c. When both companies signed a contract;
    d. Website visit, it is when data is automatically gathered through tracking tools, like IP address;
    e. ew job applicants scope.

    6. Purpose of data collection

    a. To improve the visitant experience on HHS website and social media where the company is present;
    b. To answer to a contact request through website contact form or via email;

    c. To communicate through Newsletter;
    i. To Marketing and Sales aims. In this context, we will send information about HHS products and services. To stop receiving HHS Marketing and Sales communication please read the section below;
    d. To statics purposes and reports related to Marketing and Communication actions;
    e. To new staff contract.

    7. To cancel data storage

    a. The clients who aim to not receive anymore any HHS newsletter, may request in any time, by simply following the present instructions in all the newsletters.

    As an alternative, they can send an email to indicating the will to not receive more promotional messages/ that your data must not be used for commercial purposes.

    8. Hyperlinks (Links) to third-party websites

    a. HHS has links to other websites, which may have important information/ useful tools to the visitants. The HHS Privacy Policy isn’t applied to third-party websites. Thus, if you visit those websites, HHS advises you read their privacy policies.

    b. The policy and present content on those websites are not from HHS responsibility.

    9. For how much time does HHS keeps data stock and when is it allow to destroy that data?

    a. HHS keeps personal data from visitants only for the strictly needed time to process all the purposes reflected on this policy and for the needed time in accordance with the current legislation.

    b. The destruction of the personal data is done immediately after not been more needed and as long as it can’t be restored.

    10. Access requests, editing and destruction of personal data

    a. The data subjects may request to HHS
    i. The type of information which HHS is carrying;
    ii. The edition or update of the personal data;
    iii. The removal of the storage data in accordance with applicable legislation (for example marketing and sales purposes).

    b. Requests may be sent to the email or through a registered letter to:
    Host Hotel Systems, Rua Ana Maria Bastos Edf. Fonte Nova, Nº5, Esc.2; 2560-306, Torres Vedras.

    Last update was done on the May 15th of 2018

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