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    Who are we?

    A leader in providing fully integrated new generation systems for hotel management

    Host Values

    The Host Hotel Systems is dynamic, understands clients’ needs and it perceives innovation as a way to maximize hospitality business.

    The Host Hotel Systems (HHS), previously called Bilógica was found in 1994 July by 3 business partners. Their aim was to create an information systems consulting company exclusively dedicated to hospitality industry by the identity of Host Information Systems.
    This one became a world leader in the big systems segment and later became Host International.

    In 1998, it was the first company to supply informatic solutions to hospitality with a Front Office working on Windows. From now on, Host PMS has evolved 4 generations in order to guarantee HHS promise to its clients: guarantee their investment and reliance.

    The Host Web Engine is showed to the market in 2003. A platform that offered the direct bookings integration from hotel’s website to the bookings system without an operator intervention.

    In the year 2008, HHS launches its first 100% national software version. The Host PMS 9 arrives restructured to take advantage of the new technologies.

    Nevertheless, technology and market characteristics evolved and created the need to develop the current Host systems.

    In 2012, HHS answered to the market with the new version 10i. A totally web-based version, with functionalities, completely redesigned to incorporate new hospitality concepts.

    Besides the technological challenges, HHS continues to accept challenges in new markets and it has already expanded its services to other territories:
    Germany, Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Spain, Mozambique and São Tomé e Príncipe.

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