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Empower every hotelier to achieve more.

Get a hands view
on our legacy.

Empower every hotelier to
achieve more.

Host has since founding in 1994 deployed a business
model marked by creativity & technology of the
moment. AND, for the constant quest for excellence.
The group drives long-term to develop its products,
respecting their distinctive identity. Always with an
eye on future, to put hoteliers on top.


Created in 1994, the HOST group comprises 3 brands in
the hotel sector, in each of which creates products with
a view to a complete digitization of all your hotel's
operational processes. As well as new and futures

From Business Intelligence platforms, cloud-based
tools that maximize delivery, increase revenue and
improve the hotel's operational efficiency. And, to
platforms that promote experience to customer service
and automate your marketing. Currently, Host has
more than 50 business partners, and over 175,000 units
with Host systems.

Our ethics

Just as we never compromise on the quality of our
products, we are intransigent about our ethics and our
underlying social and environmental responsibilities.
For this reason, we are constantly reinforcing our
commitments year after year.

HOST has always been strongly committed to ethical
behavior and insists integrity in all activities and
relationships, whether with employees, partners or
other interested parties.

These commitments are a clear response to the issue
of corporate ethical responsibility, in general and
reflect the leadership expected of our group. As a
leader in our industry, we actively act in accordance
with these responsibilities.

Long-term vision

HOST cultivates the highest level of
quality of the products, not simply to
maintain it year after year, but also to
elevate it as we continually set even
higher standards.


These four imperatives inspire
excellence and constitute the pillars
of our performance and long-term
success. Articulated and Shared by

Shared values

Deliver Experience

Quality is a pillar of HOST’s success. Each of the
Group’s cultivates the highest level of quality in
their products and services, not simply to
maintain it year after year but also to elevate it
as we continually set even higher standards.
We are privileged in being able to offer the
highest quality products thanks to the
exceptional dedication of our IT developers
and technicians. We pay meticulous attention
to detail and striving for perfection.

Creatives & Innovators

Creativity and Innovation are part of HOST’s
DNA. They have always been the key to our
success over the years and invite exploration of
the infinite possibilities offered by new
technologies, a major growth path for the
Group. The combination of creativity and
innovation is the foundation of our company.
This is what enables HOST to achieve the
delicate balance needed to continually renew
our offer, resolutely looking to the future.

Resilients our middle name

We overcome all challenges in our path.
We are leaders in the supply of new
generation fully integrated
systems for hospitality.

Entrepreneurial spirit

HOST's dynamic moment is inspired by
and entrepreneurial spirit, at all levels of the organization.
We maintain a decentralized organization to
maintain the pragmatic agility, that encourages
efficiency and responsiveness.
Although Host may be a national leader, we kept the
spirit of a startup, where business challenges
are closely linked to creativity and innovation and a relentless pursuit of the highest quality.


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