Boosts revenue, control, and customer engagement with versatile ticketing solutions.

Meet the Host Access Gate

Elevating event experiences with effortless ticketing and access management.

Customize each experience to meet your audience’s needs

Adjust ticket availability time as needed

Fine-tune the design of tickets and promotional materials to align with your brand

Communicate effectively with personalized e-ticket template

Meet the HOST
Access Gate

Discover Host Access Gate and how it can benefit your business.

Increased Revenue

Maximize ticket sales revenue and attract more customers.

Reduced Operational Costs

Maximize ticket sales revenue and attract more customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Maximize ticket sales revenue and attract more customers.

Improved Security

Maximize ticket sales revenue and attract more customers.

Informed Decision-Making

Base your strategies on real data.

Ideal for businesses seeking increasedrevenue, operational efficiency, andenhanced customer relationships through flexible ticketing options and seamless brand integration.

These diverse ticket-selling options cater to various customer preferences.

Get to know the four ways to sell your tickets with Access Gate.

Online via website

Convenient web-based ticketing

Customers can conveniently purchase tickets from the comfort oftheir own devices by visiting your website. They can browse availableevents, select their desired tickets, and complete the purchasesecurely online.

Digital Keypass

What is this?

An application that allows direct interaction with your customers, fully integrated with your services. At a single point, your guests will have access to a variety of functionalities, services and information designed to make their experience as pleasant as possible.

Contactless mobile ticketing

Offering the option for customers to use contactless mobileticketing, through Digital Keypass, which can be stored on theirsmartphones or other digital devices. This provides a contactless and paperless way to gain entry to events or attractions, enhancing convenience and security.

At the Kiosk

Independent check-in by your guest.

Through Online Check-in, the guest can carry out the entire process of check-in autonomously, without having to go to the reception.

At the Counter

In-person ticket sales

Some customers may prefer a personal touch or face-to-faceinteraction. Access Gate allows ticket sales at the counter, where staff can assist customers with ticket selection and purchase, ensuring a seamless experience.

Let’s see the benefits.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Seamlessly integrate ticket sales with reservations at your partners. Buy tickets during booking and save time.
  • Advanced Access Control
  • Ensure the security of your events by allowing access only to authorized individuals. Maintain control and minimize risks.
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Create custom tickets for your attractions or events. Stand out and create a unique experience for your customers, by customizing the design of the entire ticket purchasing system.
  • Detailed Reports
  • Gain valuable insights into your sales performance. Make informed decisions based on real data.
  • Possibility to sell Anywhere
  • Access ticket sales through multiple channels, online and offline, reaching a diverse audience.
  • Easy Invoicing and Payment
  • Simplify financial management with our integrated invoicing tool and manage different payment methods.
  • Event Organization
  • Efficiently manage events and attractions, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

You can have Host Access Gate, Integrated in your own website

  • Offering ticket sales on your own website allows for seamless branding, maintaining a consistent and professional appearance that reinforces your event's identity.
  • Provides direct access to customer data, enabling personalized marketing and communication to enhance their event experience.
  • Implement specific marketing strategies, offer promotional deals, and customize the purchase process to highlight event features, ultimately driving more ticket sales and increasing event exposure.
  • Your website provides full control over ticket types, pricing, and availability. You can adapt to changing circumstances and quickly update information, ensuring a smooth and flexible ticketing process for your event.

Let’s discover more.
With Host Events
Manager System.

Forecasts and Analysis

. Revenue forecast helping the hotelier to understand their profitability.
 Issuance of invoice to the customer, through the filling out of
 a preconfigured document.

Event management
Equipment and resources
Control and management of spaces
Maximum interaction between
Host Cloud-Based System

Elevating event experiences by redefining access, convenience, and control.

Join a growing community of partners who are transforming how they manage ticket sales and event access.

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