Seasonal and recurring themes solution eight
April 6, 2023

Dummy text generators may contain seasonal words instead of scrambled Latin for your web page designs. Picture the Christmas favorite, "All I Want for Christmas Is You," translated into Latin and scrambled before you pepper it into the spaces on your favorite web page design theme. Then, print those Latin lyrics onto card stock to create business cards, gift tags, and paper ornaments. Think of it as sampling, the way rap artists use the hooks that repeat throughout their work.

Imagine that you translate Lizzo's "Good as Hell" into Latin. Then, print the lyrics, chop them into single words, toss them in the air, and use them in the order they landed on the floor to create placeholder text for your single people's Valentine's Day blog. You just completed your first randomized lorem ipsum copy. Any Lizzo fans who also know ancient languages will appreciate the nod to their favorite artist. Of course, printing the lyrics to toss them in the air would be ridiculous. Precisely for this reason, randomized text generators exist.

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